Thursday, March 27, 2014


I have this fantasy
Where I run into you at an airport.
At first, our eyes meet briefly
As we walk.
We both turn back and think
"Is it?"
Our tongues slowly wrap around
Each others' names.

I'm not sure if we're on the same flight.
But you tell me how good I look,
As I walk away.
Calling me back
And there's that fire again, same as that night
On the 31st floor
At the Shangri-La.
Wasting the room.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


We're girls who wish we could freeze time.
Girls under pressure with high stress jobs.
Girls who want to live their lives;
With late nights on careless whims
But are trapped by Monday
Where we head back to the jungle
Back to management and responsibility,
And targets to hit 
Or you won't get paid...
You'll go hungry.
In the jungle.

I'm a girl who wishes I could stop time.
Hit pause for a minute .
Get a few extra hours of sleep.
Exercise. Cook healthy meals.
Or maybe just enjoy life while I'm young.
Smoke kush and make love.
Not worry about the consequences.
Not ever have to worry about Mondays.
Or Tuesdays, worse still.
Where you feel like the world is closing in
And you think "maybe the end would be easier..."
But you push through.
Only to do it all again.
Push through.
Welcoming the weekend
Only to do it all again.
Wishing you could hit pause.
Wishing you could freeze time.