Saturday, February 7, 2015


Last night, talking with Jamie.
Last night, at the bar with Jamie.
Last night, winning pool with Jamie,
And he sets up my final last shot.

Meeting Jamie and falling for Jamie.
Jamie telling me how intriguing I am.
Jamie asking me if I lied to him about my age.
Jamie making sure I'm okay.

Jamie carrying my bags and Jamie saying;
"Let's just get one more drink!"
Jamie saying "sorry" about Christmas.
Jamie saying it's hard enough to see me at work three days a week.
But he still hopes I get the job.

Being with Jamie and time stops.
Being alone together in a crowded room.
Being told to keep back from Jamie.
"But it's not your fault. You didn't know."

In a parallel world, Jamie doesn't have a girlfriend.
In a different world, Jamie could be mine.