Thursday, June 25, 2009

its all a masquerade

ill tell you a secret:
i wear a mask. everyday i wear it. i never take it off. no one really know what goes on behind that mask. no one knows the real me. my mask it brightly coloured and shiny, its painted with a big smile; all lipstick and teeth. if i took off my mask my macabre face would be exposed. my true identity. a face painted with tears, tormented by the past, the present and the fear of the future.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i wish i could re-choreograph my world.
it gets me down when all i want to do is dance around, scream & shout, let it all out
but the world gets me down with the pain that just wont.
stop. with injury comes a loss of expression. a loss of my life. i am. empty. all i want to do is dance. i want to choreograph a world where everythings nice and crying at all is not allowed
i want to close the windows, close the doors. turn on the music. turn off my world.
i want perfection, i want the pain to stop. i want to dance around, scream & shout, let it all out. the pain is the barrier that holds me back from the world where i live out of flats.
why break. do i really need this now?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ring ring

i hate that moment when you realise that everything you always told yourself was a lie. like thinking you can trust people. even thinking that you can trust the people you know, your friends friends in fact.
stolen phone.
maybe now ill learn to live without technology? it seems that ive lost a years worth of numbers, photos, messages and memos with the loss of my blackberry 8100 and i feel strangely empty inside. oh well well well.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i finished!

after nights and nights of redoing seams and cutting up pieces of paper i am finally finished with this semesters textiles project! yay! add to that combination a fractured foot and a possible flu and i hope you can understand my absence.

basicallly ive been driving myself crazy with the completion of a corset paired wiht tutu and crystal smothered sash. its meant to be degas inspired (you know the painter, right?) but a modernized interpretation or something. i dont know why (or how) i do this to myself.

essentially im happy with the finished product. but was it really worth all my stress and will i be happy with my results are the questions i now ask myself.

BUT now i can complete other projects and maybe baby just hopefully i can start making myself clothes again.
heres to hoping :)

oh well
sleep tight
rose xx

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh cassie!

so maybe im a little behind the times BUT i have just watched the first season of skins!
...after being pestered by friends for months to jump on this bandwagon, i finally have climbed aboard.

and now that im in love with the show im also in love with, cassie.
with her vintage clothes and accessories that arent necessarily designed for being worn (see monkey soft-toy as necklace), her layered hoisery and her t-bar ballet flats whats not to love? basically, this miss is style perfection! the perfect use of texture and colour and not following rules.

with her personality that veers on psychotic at times, her catch phrases of "totally" and "oh wow!" and her big goofy grin, she really wins you over. add her gorgeous doe eyes and her natural look blonde curls and her porcelain skin and shes the old-style beauty of today. plus all her teenage demons are ones that many can relate to - eating disorders, depression, alcohol and drug experimentation, all in the environment of a program more real than reality tv, a raw show that puts forth how things really are, without being a near-interactive anti-alcohol/drug campaign.

below are some of her stunning looks:

graphic tee and a long skirt with t-bar ballet flats

rehab vintage glamour, i love cassies signature sunglasses

lurex tights layered with fishnet socks

lace and lurex

gold brocade dress

on top of the world in lace

brocade and a tuxedo jacket

i cant wait to start watching the second season, ooh and then the third!
sleep tight, bisous,
rose xx


too indie. too Alternate (note, capital Ayeee). too artay.
i cant keep up, you do my head inside outside back to front
you think youre so fucking cool but i hate you :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

...and down the rabbit hole we go

why is it that anything that opens with:

nce upon a time'

draws me in?

...give me a fairytale and i'll go crazy. or even crazier for a witty appropriation (see the likes of the amazing Francesca Lia Block)

and my One True Love is, of course, miss alice in wonderland. with her blue and white dress and her hair ribbons and doe eyes, what's not to love? and throw in some pseudo hallucinations, magical foods and a slew of crazy animal-characters and theres nothing that one cant like!

and with my near-recent discovery (or was it rediscovery?) of the amazing ms annie lebovitzs work for vogue with model natalia vodianova i cant tear my eyes away from alice inspired photography and even was inspired to do some of my own! enjoy!

via vogue

fancy some tea?

"am i in australia or new zealand?

join me on my fall down the rabbit hole,
lots of love and bisous
rose xx

Friday, June 5, 2009

where theres smoke...

Why is it that my latest Font sizeobsession du jour is smoking?
despite that everyone believes this to be the latest ultimate sin and the coolest thing to hate, i just cant resist the temptation... especially not when the industry i love glorifies this infatuation of mine with cigarette editorials and now, accessories? (see louis vuitton pins)

via vogue italia

nat sherman fantasias via flair magazine

is it just me or is a murderous stick becoming the latest accessory for those aiming for the anti-IT look? and by adding colour is an extra element of attraction being added in by the gram too? 

obviously i wouldnt be endorsing one would smoke for an image... but resisting is hard with the coloured babies above, delicately in the hands of ms flavia oliveira. remember: addiction isnt fun. and in the words of fashion indie's Daniel Saynt:
"f you are addicted to smoking, get off of it. No one thinks your special. Casual smokers rule the world."
Take care chicadees,
love and multiple bisous,
rose xx