Wednesday, September 30, 2009

take it from me...

cut crystal goblets overflowing with sweet floral wine. the light reflects in the diamond shapes. triangles. and squares. electric. the night is alive, dripping with stars.

sparks will fly

...or so they say.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nothing but class

even though you "dont judge" i know what youre thinking...

Party 'til you pass out, drink 'til your dead, dance all night 'til you can't feel your legs.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the answer...

you spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how youll escape it on day and how awesome it will be and imagining that future keeps you going but you never do it you just use the future to escape the present

theres so much i want to say

but there isnt the right time or moment to say it. so you assume...


they got along like high heels + short skirts...


invitees only?
i guess a part of me hoped youd let me into your head...

tale as old as time

i looked over and it was like beauty and the beast...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


In every city, memories would whisper: "Here is where you rest."

heyyyy there heyyyyy...

nothing big...just the view that viv and i have from our santorini villas where were staying in like a week. oh ma gooddd...


"best night ive had in a loonnnnggg time" now, why might that be?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy hysterical

hes soft to the touch
but frayed at the ends he breaks

so basically

...i tricked them all. the diamond drops turned to radiance when the stage was graced... or so it would seem. masks are out...

i said:


Friday, September 25, 2009

rise and shin e

Thursday, September 24, 2009


-when hobo gestapo updates
-spontaneous phone calls. his phone calls, too
-comfortable silence
- coffee
- the forbidden/the ultimate
- crafty bits. diy and the likes
- something/one/where new...
- bones...
- singing with friends
- personal hypocrisy
- pseudonyms

- fizzle
- rose
- the white stringy stuff in citrus fruit
- obnoxiuous actions
- people making self-centered assumptions
- lonliness
- the postings of so called 'food-porn' on blogs. ew. if i wanted food i would eat
- 'infinity' by guru josh. dont ask
- the hypocrisy of others

cloud of tainted smoke

inhale me then exhale me
im this one-time-use, momentary thing
get as far away from me as you can
get rid of me before i can get into your blood...
breathe in breathe out. exhale exhale exhale
no one wants this rose-scented smoke in their system.

some people

...need to get over themselves.
you, my dear, need to get onto yourself.
you are the most incredible person i know and it absolutely breaks my heart seeing how little you believe in yourself and how hard on yourself you are.
i could write a book filled with pages on how lovely wonderful amazing you are as i told you today
you amaze me. you amaze all. i love you madamoiselle

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"how will i ever get out of this labyrinth??"
i go to seek a Great Perhaps


orange. i thought id got fake tan in my eyes...
(but dont tell anyone)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my enemies enemy

is my friend.

the road untraveled

im heading in the opposite direction to everyone else. or being left behind. im not too sure...
he who reads but hides is the meekest of kings...

care to care?

Monday, September 21, 2009

an ode to nogood boyo

we all need to sort a few things out
i get your lovely but like the complexity is so gargantuan i cant even express my feelings
in other words: i cant stand seeing the people around me get hurt
in other words: in his eyes i see the fear that only time could disappear if only time could reappear nows the time...

colloquial masquerade

i want a mask with covered eyes
cut me off from what i see
what i see makes me want to cry but the covers will dry the tears...

dont you wish that you could just...

i know i wish...

my hero

is not you...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

that night we wandered the city too young & with shoes too high

you hold me tight as we move in time to the music
we touch but the connection is nothing barr physical...
our lips meet in a room of dancing lights a music so loud that the bass shakes
the ceilings are high and the dj swims above the crowd
you offer to buy me a drink and i accept
am i a fool. youre not who i want. i want him but i shouldnt cant have himi dont even know your name...


damn that girls shes scandelous....


if you walk away i walk away


there once was a girl whose name wasnt alice
who fell down a rabbit hole and found herself in a world with no one else. she was alone.
she tried calling and writing for help but none came her way
maybe those with hearts were illiterate in this non-wonderous land?
or not.
she wandered around and saw rabbits, hares, cats, turtles, and other strange creatures. none smiled, talked, had pocket watches, mocked or drank tea. they were bleak unloved creatures that would never be domesticated. whhhhyy was she here? how did she get here, again?

dear anonymous

silence deafens and you blind. dont assume

art confusion

post-midnight trains and sore feet
smudged makeup and luminescent wristbands
free drinks and music so loud you dont have to think
the looks and the cat-calls and the chatting and the whistles
and the phone calls from him. make my night, but who is you?

Friday, September 18, 2009

divine decadence darling

the night will have three hours, giving me just those hours to find you. i will hunt through the labyrinth we call a city; i will climb towers and enter the underground. i will do whatever i can to find you, sally.

captain cool

how cool can i be? seriously. its friday night and despite being invite to:
a) dinner and dnm-style chill sesh with a bunch of awesomes
b) gathering/chill/drinks/sexy time(?) by the attractive guy ive dubbed the villain. i am:
c) at home. watching chuck and chilling. captain cat? no. captain cool? ayessss.
oh dear. out on the town tomorrow night so the weekend isnt completely wasted.
i missed his call. i think im dissapointed...

so rich so pretty

I like a girl with caked up makeup
in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

insides of an outsider

basically im feeling pretty motherfucking cool. cough. very angry and trying to reclaim my cool. gahhhhhhhhhhaeguestkr57wghouiltdursyxyot80;p54o3qu253 mm yeh thats right. new banner needed very very sooooon...
(ps.: FUCK YOU!!!!) smiles!

fuck you

fuck you fuck you fuck you. i hate you.
how could it not mean anything? be a man...


i feel special that im in focus ♥

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh dear!

...this is just too good to handle!!!gah gah gah hobo gestapo updates!
oh dear... im lame.

you should know by now:

youre quite the character, from what i hear...


trapped between panes of glass
with failed communications
theres more than meets the surface, the glass refracts the light and delludes...
lets set up camp. ill live alone. unhappily ever after...


no, not deyn. your real name. now what?
like a stone, softer than diamonds, harder than hearts. green as his eyes but with a bit more hissssssss
confuse baffle mystify bemuse perplex puzzle confound flummox faze bedazzle...?
(...i can use thesaurus too!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

well ill say:

whats your crack?

diamond dogs

"The blanket of smoken candy lies crumpled on the bed drenched in perfume, unraveled by desire but strong as fighters silk. It falls away as i stretch, brush the diamonds from my eyes and wake up."
. . . . .
brush the diamonds away from my eyes and let me observe the world around me unaltered as it falls apart...

all that glitters...

not even all the sparkles in the world could fix the issues & glitches at hand.
help me. lets run through fields with the setting suns rays in our eyes, holding hands and with quick-beating hearts.
regret regret regret. leave me alone
i need to find someone who i feel some kind of connection with again. i need to find you so i can tell you the words ive prepared, even though i know id never have the courage to pull through and say how i feel, how much you hurt me. and how much i want you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

mount st helens

from morning when i rise from my bed to the evening when i lay my head in slumber oh the loss of you does wreck my days please with a violent hunger i will never be free from you til i escape the lions jaw theres no welcome in the end theres no reason to return again...


the world is large. i am wandering. im making mistakes and confusing myself.
spiral spiral spiral down down down
what the fuck
even the villain is better. at least i enjoy that. in at least one way.
what was i thinking? i am dumb. burnt my face, dropped things, him.
enough said.
crawl crawl crawl hide hide hide
youre a repeat offender rose. its time to stop.
find something strong to let you stay away from that kind.


one day ill walk. down the beach where we first met.
where the sun met the ocean and formed the a beautiful bond
pink light reflected, magic in the air.
when i met you we walked side by side, your steps leaving heavily pressed marks, mine leaving toe prints from how i danced across the grains.
now my prints are the only ones on the beach. youve left me alone on the sand. walking.
i wish i left no prints, floated, flew across. but not yet.
if i could fly then i wouldnt leave marks. i could escape and i could have you again.


apparently im really:
but in a way one wouldnt instantly expect...
and maybe that was the problem, i only want him...

mags yeah?

'oh look at your tiny waist!'
'oh youre growing up so much!'
'which school are you at, now?'
'youre at the conservatorium of music, no?'
'no, youre very musical, someone was telling me...your dad?'
...sorry for the detour. belive it or not i enjoyed it. conisdering that the above is what i came home to...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


the skies are filled with haze like the second hand smoke of the nights that have passed.
the day is hot. spring is most certainly here and summer lies waiting, just around the corner.
the breeze is tantalizing, exotic, even.
i wear black on black. with negative views. i often do what you dont like, and live yesterday, tomorrow.
i want to feel the embrace of another.
he has entered my dreams and my mind. who is really is im still not sure, but we talk and talk...

Friday, September 11, 2009

pre-dawn calls

you have two missed calls
3.29 am
3.30 am
caller: ---- -
lucky it was on silent... i think?


“Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before. Try and keep that feeling, ‘cause if it goes, you’ll never get it back… Then you lay waste to the world, and everything in it.”