Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Model

I came to see you in Baan Tai.
Baan fucking Tai.
Well I guess it's not that far when you're already in Koh Phangan. Really.
You picked me up on your motorbike,
Like nothing had changed.
"Hey you," you said in that accent,
Like nothing had changed.
From last year when you lived in Sydney,
When we spoke every day.
When I was falling for you,
And when I was just a game.
I remember once, asking if you were happy.
"No. But I'm trying to be. Every day."
I wonder if you're happy now,
In Baan fucking Tai.
Where it's always summer,
Where you're always loved,
Where you ran away to.
And where I found you,
For just five days.
Where I tried to holiday.
And where you tried,
To start over.