Tuesday, March 17, 2009

style sparkles

Everyone's style is different and is part of who they are.

So by that theory, style should be reflective of you, and each style you have, look you put together or design you dream should be a small fragment reflecting who you are, like glitter, like sparkles.

Every fleck of glitter, every sparkle you see in this world is reflecting someone, or something that is important to someone, so embrace your sparkles and let who you are shine and sparkle for the world to see. Let your freak flag fly and your sparkles fly on the wind for the world to embrace.

Let your style be your own, take risks, dream, laugh and try.

This blog is all about individuality, happiness through the material possessions (awful... i know!) we value most... clothes. and about anything that makes an impact on me!

rose xx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

perhaps rose, your life would be filled with much more sincere smiles if you tried to follow your own advice.

i know through much experience that giving your sparkles to the world can lead to embarrassment and heartache, but through doing so you can also achieve lifelong knowledge and 'happiness'.

maybe though, if you take my advice you will end up worse off than to begin with, you might hate me for it. but maybe, just maybe, you will emerge at the other end with a smile, with your sparkles shining so beautifully that people can do nothing but awe in their genuine shine and embrace their gentle acceptance.

if you don't open your heart up how can you ever expect to love anyone and how can you expect them to love you in return?

you will never know unless you try.

an innocent bystander hoping to give some treasured advice.