Wednesday, September 2, 2009

when its over...

so i have decided that after exams are done i will be hosting a tea-party.
alice style.
youre invited.
if only i knew who you were?
i will serve my finest teas and i will bake and it will be fine and dandy
flowers and market umbrellas and sunshine and smiles
it will be brunch 2.0 but a bit more fun.
...or we could make it a champagne breakfast?
whatevs. youre invited.
let me know who you are and ill put you on the guest list.
(its gonna be exclusive) will be mad as a hatter
see you there!


S. said...

since i am the chershire cat
it is only natural that i attend

champagne breakfast and expensive dresses sounds like an ideal morning

Rose said...

question now is when and who....
but the cheshire cat can bring her smile :)