Friday, February 5, 2010

what i want is what i need

Dragon Needed

Date: 2010-02-03, 4:58PM EST
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I am looking for a mid-sized dragon to include in a photo shoot. I prefer either the Naga, Hydra, or Firedrake variety, not weighing more than a thousand pounds.

Live or stuffed, though preferably stuffed for purposes of safety and cost (NOTE: a trainer cannot be included in the budget of the shoot). I am also looking for dragon eggs, and will guarantee these returned in perfect condition, as I respect that they are fragile and easily broken.

Please also email pictures of the dragons. I am happy to accommodate the financial requests of the dragon owner, though my budget is modest.



Viv said...

What the devil.

Rose said...

actually straight off craigslist!
i freaking kid you not this ad is my new favourite thing! (vivi you now hav 27 days to get me a dragon for my bday :D how was greenfields?

Viv said...

there are some strange strange people in this world.

Brilliant! I'm besties with the big butch maori guy there hahaha, bought samples and have (possibly) slightly changed my design!

Rose said...

haha indeed madam! but they make me smile so all est gut! hah. ooh sounds like progress :) cant wait to see the new design on monday :D

Mez said...

This is great hahaha, what a brilliant find.