Wednesday, March 17, 2010

gaga ooh la la

some girls wont dance to the beat of the track and wont look back
she looks good but he says shes a mess
shes a mess shes a mess
now shes stressed
shes a mess shes a mess


SaraJ said...


LoliTa said...

great photo!

I’ve awarded you a Happy 101 Award as I love your blog, see my blog for more info

Stace said...

Woah she's totally amazin'! <3

T&F x

Amy T said...

love her new video.
its so creative.x

Uly said...

love her!! rad blog

check mine out

-marta said...

gaga is my guilty obsession, love her :)

Morning Cloak said...

her new video is EPIC

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga!

FASH ON said...

I heart GAGA.