Wednesday, May 12, 2010


on floral sheets that she had spent night after insomniac night upon he told her that all he wanted was to save her.
he held her close and let his warmth envelop her, let their bodies become one.
when she finally found her voice she whispered softly into his ear:
"its too late. im beyond saving. beyond life beyond death
beyond you beyond me
beyond ocean and sea
beyond young, old, hot, cold, happy, sad, good bad, sane, mad.
im lost in this world and im drowning in it - as time passes im only fading and you can only become white noise, a blurred figure. walk away from me while you can. save yourself"


Nedda Ebo said...

Margaret said...

my dose of deep and meaningful every single day <3 xx

maz in wonderland said...

this post IS my life. floral sheets. insomniac nights. being "beyond saving" "i'm lost in this world and im drowning in it" you captured my soul in a few words. for that, i love you. xx

HoneyBunny said...

oh, it's so atmospheric and enchanting! pure beauty<3

Anonymous said...

beautiful inspiration, a peeking light in my passing moment, but I will def follow :) thanks for stopping by & your comment, hope to also see you back!