Tuesday, January 18, 2011


wasted youth and a lack of truth.
smokey cigarettes, sipping cheap wine,
needing so little to have a good time...


Anonymous said...

These words are so relevant to my life.

rebecca said...

i agree with cass. xo

Anonymous said...

your blog is absolutely beautiful (:
Do you write all the poems yourself or do you find them?
they are magical ^^

Anonymous said...

You choose the most wonderful posts to give us. Something we all know, we all recognise, in ourselves.
Even if sometimes, it is shameful.

I love you. Thank you for dropping by my blog; I was having so much trouble with it before- I thought my family had found it, as my dad was doing all he could to ruin me.

I've sorted it all out now. I couldn't risk losing all of you <3