Friday, July 18, 2014

Taylor Squared

So here I am. It's only 2:12am.
And my pupils? Totally dilated.
They've been like that for a while,
Before midnight. Before I saw you.
Traipsing back to your apartment,
As I stumbled, in arms, to the next bar.
That girl on your arm.
Like me but smaller.
Like me but different.
Do you cook her dinner?
Watch movies together?
Take baths?
Is it the same with every girl?
Or am I different? Am I the girl?
The girl who should have been a mansion.
The girl who should have been a home.


Kay said...

Your post seems sad and curious, and makes me curious.
I'm going to start following so I can read more.
Hope to get to know you better <3

Miss Lulu Darling said...

Lovely writing