Thursday, June 18, 2009

i finished!

after nights and nights of redoing seams and cutting up pieces of paper i am finally finished with this semesters textiles project! yay! add to that combination a fractured foot and a possible flu and i hope you can understand my absence.

basicallly ive been driving myself crazy with the completion of a corset paired wiht tutu and crystal smothered sash. its meant to be degas inspired (you know the painter, right?) but a modernized interpretation or something. i dont know why (or how) i do this to myself.

essentially im happy with the finished product. but was it really worth all my stress and will i be happy with my results are the questions i now ask myself.

BUT now i can complete other projects and maybe baby just hopefully i can start making myself clothes again.
heres to hoping :)

oh well
sleep tight
rose xx

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