Sunday, June 7, 2009

...and down the rabbit hole we go

why is it that anything that opens with:

nce upon a time'

draws me in?

...give me a fairytale and i'll go crazy. or even crazier for a witty appropriation (see the likes of the amazing Francesca Lia Block)

and my One True Love is, of course, miss alice in wonderland. with her blue and white dress and her hair ribbons and doe eyes, what's not to love? and throw in some pseudo hallucinations, magical foods and a slew of crazy animal-characters and theres nothing that one cant like!

and with my near-recent discovery (or was it rediscovery?) of the amazing ms annie lebovitzs work for vogue with model natalia vodianova i cant tear my eyes away from alice inspired photography and even was inspired to do some of my own! enjoy!

via vogue

fancy some tea?

"am i in australia or new zealand?

join me on my fall down the rabbit hole,
lots of love and bisous
rose xx

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