Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh cassie!

so maybe im a little behind the times BUT i have just watched the first season of skins!
...after being pestered by friends for months to jump on this bandwagon, i finally have climbed aboard.

and now that im in love with the show im also in love with, cassie.
with her vintage clothes and accessories that arent necessarily designed for being worn (see monkey soft-toy as necklace), her layered hoisery and her t-bar ballet flats whats not to love? basically, this miss is style perfection! the perfect use of texture and colour and not following rules.

with her personality that veers on psychotic at times, her catch phrases of "totally" and "oh wow!" and her big goofy grin, she really wins you over. add her gorgeous doe eyes and her natural look blonde curls and her porcelain skin and shes the old-style beauty of today. plus all her teenage demons are ones that many can relate to - eating disorders, depression, alcohol and drug experimentation, all in the environment of a program more real than reality tv, a raw show that puts forth how things really are, without being a near-interactive anti-alcohol/drug campaign.

below are some of her stunning looks:

graphic tee and a long skirt with t-bar ballet flats

rehab vintage glamour, i love cassies signature sunglasses

lurex tights layered with fishnet socks

lace and lurex

gold brocade dress

on top of the world in lace

brocade and a tuxedo jacket

i cant wait to start watching the second season, ooh and then the third!
sleep tight, bisous,
rose xx

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