Sunday, August 23, 2009

driving into delirium

I get it, youve got boys, I don't, please be more considerate and realise that you constantly reminding me of my loneliness is not going to make anything better.
last night i dreamt i was driving. this may be a simple, normal dream for many but the fact remains that i am completely freaked when it comes to cars.
my mind is spinning, ive caught myself in a headlock, i dont believe any of it...
(potentially, i just want to drown myself in the night. or in the water off your beach. i should have dealt with my problems while i had the chance)


Lauren said...

replace my ocean for some nutella please
we will lean on each other until we feel that we can swim on our own
until then I will be floating beside you, kicking up whitewater and pushing till I literally have nothing left

I refuse to let you sink

Rose said...

i am literally crying in my love of you
you are beautiful and complete me and the most amazing friend i could ever have... ill always keep you afloat :)

Viv said...

I promise you I'll be right there with Lauren, no one will let you drown. None of us will drown, we love you too much for you to drown baby.

James said...

I love you, and we all know thats all that matters, :P kidding, you have awesome friends all is well in the world rose,
<3 love you.

Rose said...

you are all incredible