Sunday, August 23, 2009

a wavering feeling of emotional nausea

fuck my life
like actually.
just love a saturday night spent
half uncomfortable
half crying
with people who make me want to wrap myself in soundproof bubblewrap
one in particular
you make my toes curl in the most unpleasant of ways
how dare you even dare you motherfucking lowlife whore of a bitch
who the fuck do you think you are?
sure my hatred is blood boiling obvious
but back off unless ur l.a
i actually loved the tiny morsel of the night i spent with you... tonight you were the silver lining
off to bed. or to soemhting else... not really sure.


Ariel said...

fuck aimee is this me?
what the hell did i do?

gem said...

epic hug. discussion. today.

Viv said...

aimee what is this, discussion please
love you endlessly and hugs.

Rose said...

its not what or who you think
she doesnt even read this
or i hope not
for i would hate her even more if she did