Saturday, August 15, 2009

staged living

gender is performative
-e.guy, period 5, friday 14.8.2009

i find this a very interesting statement.
but then i guess identity becomes performative too...
let me perform as a woman, not a girl, who knows exactly who she is. ill wear short short skirts and have intangible lips, painted bright fuschia. ill hold my head high and strut the streets with a glint of determination in my sapphire eyes.
my act will become my identity and no one will know, except for you.
but you wouldnt tell anyone its just a performance, would you?


Lauren said...

I heart extension english, best class of the week
what are you up tonight missy?
I feel like we need a long chat
bisous xx :)

Rose said...

nadda :P
can i call you missy moo? xx

S. said...

judith baker said that gender is performative back in the 90s

Rose said...

the guy is all performative too then
i swear she fully took credit for that one... :(