Friday, August 7, 2009

oh my god

how emotional.
my head has been drained. its all spin and cotton candy. fairy floss. rough dreams. sleepless nights that come before. long days. glitter makeup and pale lips to cover the truth. colourless. drained. angry? are you angry? well then are you okay? why arent you okay? what. the. hell. is. going. on. the dust has only just. begun to fucking fall. the fight is in the air. i smell the race. i smell the chase. freak out. panic attack. boom. its all in the air. i wont speak. its up to you.
who is real? i will play blank. beige and white. white shimmery. translucent. half there.
a world of my own. ill follow the stardust falling, ill follow the fairies. fly with me over the city. trip together over our own flaws. i need something sweet. something strong.
theres glitter over my eyes. what do you see going on?

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