Sunday, August 9, 2009

oh my god volume 2, 12.09 edition

how much i cannot believe
that i just saw you

weak and fragile, overflowing with warming spirits (not just spirit)
minimal food
swimming mind

he called me not you
then in the car. bonding exercise, nutrition needed.
drive through ease, out of the way.

who do i see?
who the fuck do i see?
all of them: he, you, your friends, the ones i dont think i even know...

i cannot believe i just saw you.
of all places.
at 11.34pm
on my way not home. what the fuck. oh my god. volume 2. reiterated shock. 12.09 (limited) edition.


Ariel said...

is this gillis? what happened?

Rose said...

this is so weird
i am so weirded
j & i went home via cremorne maccas for shiggles and we saw like gillis, matt, possibly saunders plus some
like they didnt see me then i texted matt cos hed called me to say gillis lost his phone and was maggot and like not to expect seeing him tomoro etc.