Tuesday, August 11, 2009

L1, L2, close doors, open doors, emergency call

the mood has completely changed
this is multi-faceted. like a rock, like a diamond, a diamond in the rough perhaps?
well im actually only thinking this on two levels actually.

i find it funny how quickly things get out. how once somethings in the open it can snowball so easily.
this also works for both the levels.

i dont really understand whats happening. and its affecting other elements and people that mean a lot to me.
actually this one works for both too.

hmmm xx


Lauren said...

this L is worried...
is everything ok?

Rose said...

its okay... nothing more
melodramatic as this may sound i feel liek im atlas, with the huge weight of the world balanced upon me, suffocating me.
and im so confused about these two topics but i cant talk about it cos thers always someone around who i feel like i shouldnt be saying for their own sake..