Thursday, August 13, 2009

on my mind at 9.03

1. despite all the maths/extension english/ancient history/music work i have to do, all i want to do is watch chuck whilst eating toast then sleep

2. i want my fashion delusional brother to stop trying to educate me about life culture and drinking and how to be as socially awesome as he is. just buy me what i cant buy myself, drive me around and well have fun bonding. plan? yes.

3. how im the dumb one of us. i say this and i get 'but your topping maths!' its general maths. enough said.
(does it annoy anyone else that the journals they gave us have lines?)


Viv said...

Business studies has made me really hate lines, not a fan of the journal (:

Rose said...

ahh the lines make me want to burn that journal such a nice though but ahhhgggghhh!