Monday, August 31, 2009


looking back in time:
so i reread a heap of old entries from ages ago as a means of procrastination...

its weird to think that boy x who i was 'adoring' is now the villain that calls and texts me at inappropriate hours, begging me to 'cum' over. oh dear.
i see through you. but thats not saying i wouldnt...

looking back through myself i keep thinking about all my mistakes and regrets.
sure there are certain things i wish i could have not done. but there are only a few of these.
there are things i wish i had done by now. but what can i do to change that? the ultimate?
study is for the weak. the coffee boys clearly throught i was bludging today. but its midterm break. one was asking me bout why i had the day off and the other gives me this smile and goes 'shouldnt you be at school or something' when i told him i had the day off he goes 'yeh sure' with that same smile. i swear all the males that work there must hit on like every customer.
additionally i really want to get a account. another procrastination method or am i just really lame?

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