Monday, August 31, 2009

honestly fictional confessional

Drawers are fantastic things. So simple in design, yet are capable of hiding, and revealing, so much.

For instance, I have many drawers. Some small. Some large. And I’m sure that if you were to open one, many things would be exposed.

My desk alone has two drawers in it. Open the top one and you’ll find pills that I don’t need to take, blatantly displayed. Hidden in a fabric purse, tucked away in this very same drawer, you’ll find cigarettes, papers and a lighter.

Under my bed there are more drawers, under the different fabrics and other commodities in the left drawer you’ll find contraception and Russia’s finest.

Through opening two drawers in my room it seems you’ll discover so much about me, about the kind of girl I am. Leave my drawers open and you’ll see how vulnerable I really am.

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Ariel said...

contraception yeah baby hahaha