Thursday, August 6, 2009

a peak behind this shiny exterior

so last night waiting for my physio i broke down into tears to my mother about everything that is going wrong.
i cant believe how immature people can be and treat their 'friends' this way.
this has caused me so much emotional trauma. i had a freaking stress rash on my neck from how fucked up this is making my head. fuck fuck fuck. everything is so fucked up.
i didnt go to school today cos i was physically and emotionally too exhausted and traumatized. i didnt want to face them all.
on another note i cant believe how much you matter to me.
i also have re-fractured my foot.

my life is evidently tropical. (yes another non-word. it means idyllic and peachy, here i use it sarcastically). I WANT THE WEEKEND!!!

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