Monday, August 17, 2009

little red

there once was a little girl named scarlett.
she was all alone in the world and one day went for a walk through the trees into the urban jungle, wearing a red hooded coat.
scarlett wandered around alone through the parallel and perpendicular streets that all looked the same to her - with the same buildings and the same unsmiling civilians who may as well have been trees.
she wanted to get to the other side, to find the fresh air and the escape from the claustrophobic heights of the buildings forming a canopy above her.
she looked at her feet that she dragged around on the ground.
she couldnt walk any further. someone was blocking her way.
she look up at the tall, masculine figure in front of her, leering over with pointed teeth.
'come with me, little girl,' he said.
she had no choice but to go.
she was powerless.

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